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A lavish and striking colour palette

Are you looking for trendy and long-lasting gel polish colours with a lovely finish? Whether you have a passion for basic colours or the more striking and eye-catching shades, you're in just the right place. At Nailster, we offer a beautiful colour palette of gel polishes that can add the finishing touch to your look. Dive into the selection here and be inspired by our many different colourful gel polishes that you can use at home.

Advantages of our coloured Nailster gel polishes

Are you also tired of ordinary nail polishes that chip, crack, flake off and "wrinkle"? Are you looking for a nail polish that has incredible durability and a beautiful finish? Then the pretty gel polishes from Nailster are just the right choice for you. We offer a wide range of gel nail polish in beautiful, deep colours that can last for up to three weeks, and that is why they are the perfect alternative to ordinary nail polish.

The long-lasting nature of our gel nail polish is down to the mixture of special nail polish and gel. This also means it can't just air-dry like regular nail polishes, it has to be cured under either UV or LED lights. One of the great advantages of our coloured gel polish is that it doesn't take very long to dry. As soon as the gel polish has cured, it's dry. That means you won't risk getting weird marks or 'wrinkles' in the nail polish because you touched something before it was completely dry. 

The risk of cracking, 'wrinkling' and chipping is therefore incredibly low, and this makes our gel nail polish a favourite in many beauty collections. Get your hands on our durable Nailster gel nail polishes, which are both gentle on your nails and can add that little extra to your look for everyday wear or special occasions. 

Nailster gel nail polish – beautiful nails all year round

Whether you're looking for gel nail polish for your feet or hands, you can find inspiration in our wide range of colours. We offer the more classic colours like red, black, nude and light pink, as well as more daring ones like orange, blue, green and neon pink. At Nailster, you can easily find a gel nail polish to suit any mood or season and remember – there are no rules when it comes to choosing the colour you want for your nail polish.

With our coloured nail polishes, you have the option to complement your look or give it a pop of colour by choosing the coloured gel polish that can add that little extra to your look. Whether you're looking for the current trends or this season's colours, transparent or calm nude colours, pastel colours, glitter colours, metallic colours or French colours, you can find them all at Nailster. We are constantly adding new gel polish colours to our collection so you can always get your hands on this season's hottest colours right here.

At Nailster, quality is crucial

At Nailster, you'll find a great selection of handpicked gel polish colours to complete any look or style. Common to all our gel polish colours is that they are easy to apply, last for up to three weeks and have an incredibly nice pigmentation and colour, so you don't have to apply layer after layer. Multiple layers not only require longer drying time under our UV and LED lamps, they also create thicker layers of gel polish on your nails.

Our gel nail polish is also free of HEMA and Di-HEMA, which increase the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions. With Nailster gel polishes, you get beautiful and long-lasting nail polish in all kinds of colours, without compromising on durability or chemistry. 

Buy gel nail polish from Nailster today

Do you get the warm and fuzzies when you look at one or more coloured gel polishes in our shop? If you did, you can easily get them delivered to your home. All you need to do is put the colours you want in your basket et voilà! – we can quickly and safely send the gel polishes you love out to you. Do you also need the right accessories and equipment? Thankfully we can help you with that too – and much more. 

At Nailster, we don't just offer gel nail polishes in trendy and classic colours, we also offer a complete gel polish universe where you can find all the necessary equipment and accessories you need to achieve professional gel polish nails at home – and much more. You might like to check out our different starter kits: 

  • v Nailster Basic Starter Kit 

  • v Nailster Essentials Starter Kit 

  • v Nailster Premium Starter Kit

Each one of these starter kits contains all the necessary equipment and tools that you will need. With our luxury starter kit, however, we've been extra choosy for you, which means you'll find tonnes of additional accessories, e.g. nail art and nourishment that can raise your nail game to a whole new level. Dive into our wide range of coloured gel polishes and find your new favourites today!