How to get started

You'll need

- Nailster Starter Kit (Travel, Premium or Professional)

- One or more colors
- Top coat

1. Preparation

Start by washing your hands and nails to remove filth and dirt, as well as make sure to always have good hand hygiene before going ahead.

Push your cuticles back with the included cuticle pusher and trim the excess cuticle. This helps increase the surface of the nail and contributes to a nicer end result.

File your nails to the desired shape and buff very little on the top of the nail, so the Base Coat is able to better adhere to the nail as well as get a longer lasting result.

Clean your nails with acetone, Nailster Remover or the included alcohol wipes.

2. Base Coat

Shake your Base Coat thoroughly before use.

Apply a thin layer of your Base Coat. This is always the first layer you add to the nail and it helps preparing and protecting the nail.

Cure for 60 seconds in the LED lamp

3. Colors

Apply 1-2 coats of the color of your choice, depending on what kind of result you want. 

Cure the polish for 60 seconds in the LED lamp after applying each coat.

This step is where you can be creative and combine several colors or make fun motifs. See inspiration on our Instagram

3. Top Coat

Apply a layer of the desired Top Coat, choose from Normal, Shine or Matte.

Cure for 60 seconds in the LED lamp.

If you have used Normal or Shine Top Coat, you can finish by applying cuticle oil to take care of your nails and cuticles.


Make sure to never expose the bottles to light from the lamp or direct sunlight, as this can cure the product and make the varnishes stiff and lump

You can also view our youtube channel for further help: Click here!