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Accessories for gel polish at home

Are you looking for nail art accessories? Or do you perhaps need accessories that nurtures your hands and nails when applying and removing our gel nail polish? Regardless of your starting point, you've ended up in the right place. At Nailster, we offer a ton of accessories so you can get the absolute best and most beautiful results with our gel nail polish. 

You'll find nail files, cuticle pushes, wipes, nail brushes, cuticle cutters, tweezers, “dotting tools”, brushes and much more that can raise your gel polish game to new levels. Dive into a wide range of accessories here on this website and find gel polish accessories at really great prices.

Accessories for nail art – give creativity free rein

Do you have a love for nail art? And do you like to be creative and make gel polish nails that stand out? At Nailster we are crazy about gel polish nails, and nail art is, of course, no exception. We want to offer both durable and long-lasting gel nail polish in a multitude of colors, but we would also like to allow you to experiment with different nail art designs. Therefore, you will find a wide range of accessories, which can make it even easier to make nail art.

Among other things, you'll find a nice brush set with 15 brushes of different sizes, which is particularly suitable for painting different designs and patterns on the nail polish. However, they can also be used to apply loose glitter or create chrome effects on the nails. Besides our convenient brushes, you'll find the so-called “dotting pens” that you can use to make dots, patterns, stripes and much more that allows you to create unique and different nail designs. Please note that our “dotting tools” has two different ends with two different sizes.

Accessories for the removing of gel nail polish

At Nailster you'll also find the right accessory to help you remove your gel polish again. Perhaps you need a new color or a new pattern? Or perhaps your nails have just grown out so that you need a new and pretty layer of gel nail polish? Whether you want to remove your gel nail polish after a few days or weeks, you'll find gentle and effective accessories for gel polish removal here on this website.

With the convenient soak-off nail clips, you can efficiently and gently remove your gel polish in just 15-30 minutes. By wetting our wipes with our nail polish remover or acetone, as well as putting a single wipe around each nail and then attach our nail clip, you'll see that after 15 minutes our gel nail polish will begin to loosen. It typically takes 30 minutes for our gel polish to be fully dissolved and ready to be removed.

Care for your nails before and after gel polish treatments

It's important you make sure you care for your nails before and after gel polish treatments. It doesn't just help to ensure that you get a beautiful and durable result. It also makes sure your nails stay strong and healthy between treatments. At Nailster you will find all the necessary accessories to care for your nails, and we constantly add new accessories to our stock.

Among other things, you'll find a nail buffer that makes it easy to polish your nails, leaving the nails with a glossy and smooth surface before adding gel nail polish. Besides that, you can also find a smart and efficient cuticle pusher that pushes the cuticles back and a cuticle cutter, which is perfect for removing dead skin by the cuticles and nail roots. Both of these helps ensure an even better and more beautiful result when working with gel polish.

One thing that is incredibly important to use after both applying and removing gel nail polish is our cuticle oil, which you will also find here on the page. Our cuticle oil has both a moisturizing and insulating effect, which makes sure you keep beautiful and healthy nails. We recommend that you use our cuticle oil daily and especially during periods when you're having a break from gel polish.

Buy all the necessary accessories for the work of gel nail polish at Nailster

At Nailster you'll find a wide range of accessories that both care for your nails before and after gel polish treatments, ensuring a uniform and beautiful application of our gel nail polish, as well as accessories that allow you to create creative and unique nail designs. If you are a beginner and you you're in doubt on what to use exactly, we recommend that you take a closer look at our starter kits. 

We offer both a Nailster budget starter kit, standard starter kit and luxury starter kit, which includes all the necessary equipment you need. Our luxury starter kit, in particular, is a favorite as you get everything you need — and more so. At Nailster, we're constantly adding new kinds of accessories to our stock, which is why we recommend you keep an eye out here on the website so you can always get your hands on brand-new gel polish items.

Do you have any questions about our accessories? Or are you perhaps unsure as to which starter kit to choose? Then take a look at our FAQ and our Nailster guide, where you'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions and you'll also find a step-by-step guide where we'll go over how to get started on gel polish treatments at home. There's no time to waste!

If you don't find the answers to your questions, you are of course also more than welcome to contact us. Team Nailster are ready to help, so you can get started with your very own nail salon at home.